D&D episode 1, chapter 3

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Chapter 1. Episode 3.

“Splat! Crunch! Aargh!” went the three remaining zombies as Daenika, Louthor, Ulric, Elfonse, and Rainer fought to avenge the death of Caldo. Their foolhardy companion would have to be resurrected to share in the bounty they collected from under the fabled Rainbow Rock. On the way back to the village there was the small matter of the ogre that Rainer had evaded earlier. Rather than leave such a dangerous creature on the loose so near to their current lodgings, they formulated a plan to dispatch it with as little of their own blood being spilled as possible.

From a convenient vantage point the keen-eyed elfish ranger had a good enough view through the trees to point her kinsman’s bow in the right direction. “Twang, twang.” Went the bowstrings and the ogre jumped up in rage. “Twang, Twang”, and it fell with a crunch. More loot! And another body to carry back to Hommlet. This time the unconscious young girl who had been kidnapped hours earlier. Coming round in the arms of the burly swordswoman and being told of her heroic rescue was enough to sway Meleny’s young heart. Being reunited with her father, she asked if she might be allowed to marry her heroic rescuer. The father consented but the heartless bitch, Danni turned her down and left her broken-hearted, sobbing into her pillow.

Terjon, the Priest of St Cuthbert, was so grateful for the return of his Holy symbol that he offered to reincarnate the fallen rogue as thanks As the priest set to work in the seclusion of the baptistery, it was clear that most of the party did not know what this entailed. Much chanting and incense burning followed and eventually he returned with Caldo by his side. But he was not recognised, as the resurrection of his mutilated corpse was not possible. Only his spirit survived, returning to inhabit a new form. A very confused looking female gnome.

Fire evocation is a tricky business, but not without significant benefits. With the guidance of Burne the archwizard, Louthor was able to summon a tiny fire elemental to act as a familiar.

Cashing in their spoils the adventurers narrowly avoided being skewered by the grim-faced Black Jay. Now a shepherd but totally unfazed by Ulric’s bravado and well skilled with a bow, his sad story is yet to be told in full. Only a summons to a meeting of the Village Elders prevented bloodshed. The council had been aware of evil returning to the Moathouse, a ruined outpost in the swamp some miles to the east of the village, for some time. They had only been waiting for a band of adventurers to show they were capable of dealing with this brewing menace. Enticed by a hefty reward our mercenaries accepted the quest.

Distracting the giant frogs with dancing lights was the easy part. Crossing the narrow plank that had been laid where a drawbridge once allowed passage over the moat proved more challenging. “Splish! Splosh!” Two of them had to be pulled dripping wet from the icy water. The spider that inhabited the abandoned lookout tower stood no chance against the arrows of the elven archers. Neither did the menagerie of creatures that had taken up residence in the litter strewn accommodation in the main building stand a chance. A giant snake, a lizard, monstrous centipedes and a couple of blood-sucking ticks were all swiftly dealt with. Only a single rat was spared, fed on dwarfish gristle and befriended, temporarily by the gnome maiden. Rats, however, make fickle friends and he followed her only as far as his next meal.

The upper complex was almost fully explored, but what was behind that door in the back corner. As Danni fiddled with her electric sword, trying to figure out how it worked, she was the first to find out. Brigands! Hired low-LIFES who had been preying on passing merchants for months. They came pouring out of the back room, only to be felled by swords, pierced by arrows and quarrels, crushed by maces and immolated by flaming spheres. Such is the arsenal that our heroes now wield. But the leader of the gang is made of sterner stuff. He now stands alone, cornered and very pissed off. His death is inevitable, but will he take anyone else with him to the afterlife?