As one door closes

author image by CGC | 0 Comments | 6th December 2018

This past week was a sad one for us all at the Crawley Gaming Club, seeing one of our co-founding organizers step aside from running the club, but it was great to see people turning out to say thank you and to wish him well with his future endeavors.

Also on the night we saw the culmination of our third(and last) season of the star wars role play campaign that was so amazingly run by our very own Scott Macey.  With what started out a small 6 week mission, drew so much attention the group size doubled and faced with great story making peril, Scott stepped it up a notch and managed to create a fantastic story arch that meant the band of rebels was split into two groups exploring different parts of the galaxy while all the while effecting the other groups stories. I will aim to do a fully detailed blog in the coming days with a break down of what happened for those of you interested.

Sticking with the role playing theme we have TWO new campaigns set to kick off in the new year. The first is another star wars one. This one will basically be as above BUT  a much smaller 6 week campaign running shorter hours to allow the young-lings of the gaming world a chance at enjoying the antics.

The second calls all Knights of the realms together for epic battle in the always popular D&D universe. Our good friend and Horsham gaming club member David Fairhurst is on hand to run his campaign code-named “D&D lite” more information is to come within the next week.

Now For some club news. With Craig stepping down and me taking sole reigns of our humble gaming grounds, I have few ideas of which I’d like to do to continue our growth. HOWEVER we are a community and final decisions and even ideas are totally yours, so if you have ideas on how to grow the club, entice new people, what scenery etc we should be buying/building etc etc please do drop me a message or even stick a post on our closed Facebook community page to see if the other members like it 🙂


That’s enough from me today (I am officially working so I guess I should actually do something lol)


See u all soon