Horsham Gamers – A Warm Hello

Welcome to the Horsham Gamers community which is slowly gaining more users and content as the weeks go by, as you can see a basic website is now up and running.

With this being the first blog post for the community I will try to include as much information as I can to give you a good idea who and what we are trying to achieve.

I had noticed a multitude of gaming communities around the local area and I was hoping to bring them all together into one manageable community, the reason for this is I am a strong believer in the term ‘gamer’ as a singular. Over the years I have noticed and been involved in a variety of gaming types from board games, to digital and card games alike (even the odd table top here and there) and the major difference is that the individuals tend to stick to one form of theme, my aim with Horsham Gamers is to bring a collective group together to explore all the different options around (I myself want to give Dungeons and Dragons a go…).

We are aiming to use Discord as the primary platform of communication in the real time sense, the website will be linked with Facebook to get the reach out to other members but even this is proving difficult, I know every gaming community has it’s own form of outreach, Whatsapp groups, other websites etc.

Events are starting to begin as well and I am hoping a regular meetup with multiple gaming types on the go will be on the table soon.

As always, we hope you can tell friends and family who are interested in the gaming community and come to join us for the latest news!

Updates thus far:

  • Website: Website base up and running, sign-ups to come and events to be run via the website.
  • Discord: It’s Live – We are noticing an increase in users on the Discord server, come pop along to see what it’s all about.
  • Events: – The team are starting to figure out event’s from digital and physical with hiring a hall – Keep an eye on facebook and this website for information.
  • Staff: – Free time is given up from a few other people for helping us out, a big thank you for all the help so far.

Keep up to date with what’s going on popping by this website and the usual suspects below:

See you soon… happy gaming.

Horsham Gamers Team