Frankie & X-Wing Demo's

Today in Swan Walk we had a few members from both sides of the area, Crawley and Horsham giving us a quick demo of fun games in some generous space provided to us.

  • 1st was Frankie – Raspberry PI ran and operation nostalgia mixed into one homebrew solution:

Frankie was put together by the great team over at HackHorsham which involves, you guessed it, a life size model of the original game ‘Operation’.

He consists of a nice cut out zombie which is connected to a Raspberry Pi to simulate a timer based game which players have a limit to get all the internals out of the ‘creature / creator’ before the clock runs out.

He proved welcoming today as many ranges from young and adult tried their best, but no one performed on target (today…)!

  • 2nd was the X-Wing team from Crawley Gaming Community:

I myself had never even tried the X-Wing franchise but already with the help of the Crawley team, me and a fellow Horsham Gamer were being thrashed by the pro’s, I have already been converted and actually went to purchase my own set (they sold it well).

The XWing starfighter is a fictional spacecraft from the original and sequel Star Wars trilogies and the Star Wars expanded universe. They are depicted as the primary space superiority interceptor and dogfighter of the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic and the Resistance.

Thanks for popping along and giving the games a try, hopefully in the near future we will be putting on a larger selection of games and areas for you to drop by and explore.

Horsham Gamers Team