Dungeons & Dragons – The Tales of Escuria – Episode 2



Following the attack on the Bladepit, a Priestess of Lolth and her young cleric apprentice by the name of Vixen are attacked due to their ties to House Koryth.

Following a tense battle the priestess, realising that Lolth has abandoned her and chosen Vixen, sacrifices herself to Lolth and passes the mantle of priestess on to Vixen. Elend and Kaida seek refuge in Elend’s family home, with Kaida being quickly sent away to scout the city and gather more information on the attack on behalf of house Marevo. Ralkini, separated from the others, makes his way to the shogunate plaza and finding the gates already closed jumps the fence into Elend’s back garden.

He is almost captured, but is rescued at the last moment by a friendly neighbourhood paladin by the name of Idris, who manages to bargain with the guards and arrange for them to be “escorted” inside the embassy in handcuffs to reunite with Elend.