Merry Christmas… Happy gaming and what's to come…

First of all I would like to welcome everyone to the community – we see daily new members joining us and it’s great to see how many of you are now starting to form new friendships over the same type of games, and some new ones as well!

Horsham Gamers is really starting to make it’s mark, not only the with the local’s but surrounding areas also, we have formed links with Crawley, Mid Sussex and other Horsham groups.

We have a good idea what we wan’t to bring in the new year, new events, meet ups and lots of different types of gaming!

A small tease of a big event that is on its way – Code Name: ‘Horsham Gaming Festival’ – Keep an eye out for this one, lot’s of planning going into it and it’s going to be a great event (full weekend!).

Again from all the staff have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year – Hope you all get your gaming requests one way or another!

  • The Horsham Gamers Team!