Dungeons & Dragons – The Tales of Escuria – Episode 4

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After surviving an ambush on the chaotic streets of the adamantine bazaar, a centaur monk named Rushing Hooves follows an arcane trail that leads him to Hawke. Kaida, at the behest of Lady Selwyn has also gone to meet with Hawke to discuss a method by which Elend and his family might be discreetly smuggled out of Sakani.

Lady Selwyn reveals that Elend, Ralkini and Kaida are wanted dead or alive in relation to the attack on the bladepit and she cross-examines Elend to discover the truth of what happened Selwyn and Idris butt heads over what to do next, but they finally agree to lay low and wait until Kaida returns with more information. Ralkini agrees to being discreetly taken to the Korythian consulate next door where he will be under the protection of his own people until his name is cleared. Elend informs his mother that his brother Talryn had sent a letter via arcane means to an unknown recipient and Selwyn agrees to investigate further.

Meanwhile Vixen and Gimble discuss their options over a drink at The Galloping Pig and find themselves under the watchful eye of Viktor, one of the city guard, who pursues them at a distance as they leave.

With the assurances of Hawke and a round of drinks, Kaida, Vixen, Gimble and Rushing Hooves agree to a tentative alliance to help smuggle the others out of Sakani. Though Gimble is sure they managed to shake him off, Viktor manages to follow them back to their meeting with Hawke and lies waiting in the shadows.