Dungeons & Dragons – The Tales of Escuria – Episode 5

Watch – Dungeons & Dragons – The Tales of Escuria – Episode 5:


Kaida, Gimble, Vixen and Rushing Hooves discuss their options going forward with Hawke and begin to plan their escape from the city, unaware that Viktor lies in wait. Hawke reaches out to a contact who can help smuggle people in and out of the Shogunate Plaza, and gifts the group with some minor enchanted items from his stock.

Idris and Elend wait for Kaida to return and make the most of their time laying low – Idris teaches Jenkins to play chess to test his tactical reasoning and Elend has a discussion with his brother Kelrand. Kelrand explains that the letter he sent was to Battle-Seer Okalla, one of the political leaders of Sakani, and that in this letter he tried to prevent an international incident between House Marevo and House Varyn by claiming that Elend was part of the attack on the Baldepit, but that he worked without the knowledge of House Marevo. They reconcile and after Kelrand beats Jenkins at chess the manor is attacked by House Varyn agents. Lady Selwyn enters the fray and they succeed at fending off the attackers, but she was too late to stop Kelrand from being killed in the battle.