Dungeons & Dragons – The Tales of Escuria – Episode 8

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Having successfully snuck and fought their way back to Hawke’s tent, the group plan their escape from Sakani. They split into three small groups and begin making their way to the south-west gate. Gimble, Idris and Jenkins are stopped by the city guard, demanding a fine from them for “breaking curfew”, but Idris manages to charm their way out of it, and after being separated for a brief time, the trio reunite and make their way to a mist den within view of the gate, where Gimble runs into his old friend Varney.

Kaida, Vixen and Elend narrowly avoid a run in with the city guard by pretending to be customers at the fish market, and then with their freshly purchased tuna in tow they make their way to the mist den. Gimble and Kaida have a chat with a fellow thief, who promises to try and help smuggle them out of the city. Elend tries some of the drug “mist” which causes him to relive a happy memory with his bardic mentor Roland. Idris and Vixen go to keep a look out for the remaining group, and Vixen hears a commotion in the side streets. When they go to investigate they find Hawke and Sadie with weapons drawn, and Selwyn covered in bloodstains, telling them that they need to run.