300 members, events, meetups, whats to come…

Well, we did it, the 300th member hit the group the other day and it was a great sight too see. I started Horsham Gamers 1 year ago with the small idea of bringing people together to try something new, meet new people, and to bring a collective mindset into the same space!

Our events are now becoming the ‘norm’ in the general area and each week we are seeing not only our usual crowd but new individuals each time…on asking where they heard of us it tends to be a variety of places from word of mouth, an advertisement in a window or on a board in a coffee shop… last resort to just finding us on the Facebook search.

We have quite a bit in-store coming to Horsham Gamers with linking up a bit more with the surrounding other communities such as HackHorsham and Rebelmakers, creativity comes in all forms and I have always felt this should be explored inside of the gaming space, after all, it all starts with some sort of random ideas!

With HG expanding the rate it has we are not only the largest community around the area but it’s great too see other groups promoting us, and visa versa, this is the backbone of what I wanted to achieve, sharing, involving and not silo-ing groups off from each other which was a huge noticeable problem even when I started – and discovered myself in some form or another.

I know I go on about it but a big shout out too all the team behind HG’s who make this possible, they not only pitch in when needed but administer, gather and organise the goings on for which I couldn’t possibly do on my own.

Namely – Robyn, Marc, Cal, Nik and Colin – They all play their part and make HG’s what it is!

Hope to catch you at one of our upcoming event’s and keep an eye on the website and facebook group for updates, share some ideas, pitch some suggestions, they all come on board.

Happy gaming…

– Ben

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