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Horsham Gaming Festival 2019 – That’s a wrap…

This weekend we had the Horsham Gaming Festival in full swing, and boy was it full!

Throughout the weekend we had over 450 of you join us in celebrating everything we admire about gaming, from a range of ages and everyone had something to do and get involved with.

A little bit about us, Horsham Gamers, I started the group just over a year ago with the intention of bringing communities of gamer’s together in a way that allows us to share, meet, create and play, with the one thing we all have an underlying feeling towards – gaming!

The group had grown, to the point where I had to ask for help in running it, so then, in comes the Team. Every member of the Horsham Gamers Team have been, without a doubt, a fantastic help, inspiration and guide. Going back a year I had no idea that we would be able to run such an event as we did over the weekend.. but it worked, and most importantly the feedback was great.

So onto the event itself:

We started out throwing ideas around about what we could fit in, allowing us to meet the range of gaming interests without silo’ing it to a single “type”.

My first intention has always to get one individual(s) interest in a particular type of gaming to try something else that is the on the same level, we all have the ‘player’ inside of us that likes to explore.

Secondly I wanted to involve the communities of gaming groups around the area to join us, share their own platforms and let the public know that they do exist, we all are trying to mediate and provide a location for people to play, this seemed the logical place to do it.

Most importantly here, we are not here to make a profit, we are simply here to give our own time and take the business side out of it, it feels “right” to do it this way.

We tried to collate as much as we could into one room without making the space feel cramped, it was a scorcher of a day on Saturday which made it challenging but it still didn’t stop you flocking in on doors open which was a great sight to see.

All of our communities have their niche in what they can provide you, we at Horsham Gamers try to do a little bit of everything which is why it was perfect to bring everyone together under one roof.

A long thanks…

Everyone had their part to play, so starting with the groups and people that joined us in making this a great weekend:

All the gaming communities, painters and creators around the area:

Crawley Gaming Community, Poundhill Board Gamers, Mid Sussex Meeples, South Downs Siegebreakers, David Westnedge Ltd, PSC Games, Miniature Worlds Studio and Horsham Gamers Warhammer Team – Everyone here was engaging and put on a great show of demoing just what games are out there.

The local gaming businesses:

X1 Gaming Lounge & Parties and Press Start 2 Join – All weekend their gaming consoles we’re on show and were never left alone, was great to have them part of the day and hope to have them back soon!

The Escape Room, Hebocon, Minecraft Area:

All these area’s were provided by multiple individuals and companies which had fantastic feedback and creative minds bubbling – Hack Horsham, 3D Print Room, Reduced Hackers.

Arcade Corner, Amiga Bench:

One of our local Team members (Gil) who arranged the whole corner or nostalgia for the weekend, his group SWAG and retro contacts made this possible!

Hall, Helpers and Volunteers:

We also had multiple volunteers helping us out the whole weekend from the Escape Room and providing tea and coffee for us – Thank you Sarah, Steve, Ross, Keith and Kevin for pitching in and not stopping! Also including Nick (Horsham Council) for including us into the HDYOC2019 and Rob (Drill Hall’s Manager) who also didn’t stop with making sure everything went well with the fantastic hall we had.

The Horsham Gamers Team:

A huge shout out too all the members of the Horsham Gamers Team, who helped arrange, organise, keep me sane during the whole process – Everyone did their part and did not stop the entire weekend to ensure things went smoothly, I am proud to call them friends and to have them part of the ever growing community that we have here.

Left to right – Gil, Marc, Robyn, Nik, Ben (me) and Cal

A few pictures below give you an idea of what was going on, the event itself, and hopefully give you a incentive to come and try some of the groups regular meetup events which do happen every day of the week somewhere.

We are always looking for feedback, if you can spare a few minutes to fill this online form out it would be welcomed!

See you on the next Horsham Gaming Festival in 2020!