One year on… ish

I started Horsham Gamers just over a year ago, when it was first created it was quiet.. just me in-fact and a few members who found a couple of posts I placed around the used social media platforms we all know today!

I wanted to give a year on blog post to give a little history, and whats to come / changes, this also allows me to keep a tally on everything as well.

Over the past year we have managed to grow the community in such a way that new friendships, awareness and gaming has grown in and around the Horsham area, this was my only intention and it seems to have paid off. The primary platform for communication has been Facebook, it seemed the logical place to start as near on everyone is on it, it got to the point where when I started to ‘push’ the group around, I couldn’t keep on top of the incoming requests so I asked for help… enter the Horsham Gamers Team!

These guys and girls above have helped me grow, stabilise and run events that has allowed the overall community to thrive, not just from an awareness level but from a ‘community’ level – that’s what is important too me. They all have played their part and am privileged to have them on the Team.

Horsham alone has some of the greatest game developers we all know too well, but as I was advised at the beginning of starting the community, awareness was low around the area. Taking this on board I took the view of just helping ‘promote‘ additional genres into the group, but also allowing other groups around the area to push their own groups into ours.

As you will have noticed over the past year, group awareness has stepped up, we have multiple gaming communities around the area that were unheard of and are now appearing on the map, numbers are on the rise and we all do this ‘for fun’, not one of the individuals I have met are in this for profit, selling, money – It’s purely to bring others together to enjoy a past-time which has popped back into the scene today – gaming!

To name a few things we have been working on, completed, ideas are:

Horsham Gaming Festival – This was a big one for us, we all set out the goal to bring a range of gaming fun bits in one room and we smashed it, the feedback was great, not a penny was made on the door yet everyone had fun – Keep an eye out for out #hgf2020 – All your local groups will be appearing.

Dungeons and Dragons – Cal has made a huge impact in bringing this into the group, D&D has been a around since the ages, and a few smaller groups around the area we’re there but not seen – Since this has started we have noticed additional campaigns running, people joining, and awareness growing. Keep rolling those D20’s and spread the word.

Community Meetups – The meetups have been a chance to get together to form and meet new individuals with the passion for gaming, but more importantly to cross pollinate the interest – These go on every month (even if I do miss a few…)

Online Meetups – Digital is a huge part of what we do but we find it’s not as active as we would like it too be, something we may spice up in the months to come so keep an eye out and use Discord to keep it fresh!

Gaming Evenings – Our Casual Gaming Evenings and Events are once a month, I didn’t want to commit too much here but allow it to grow naturally – We have funded hall hire from the beginning to allow a space to play, it’s important to allow this to continue which is why a ‘fee’ will never be sought, the only thing that will be appearing is donation boxes, totally voluntary so no pressure if you feel you fancy dropping in a quid – all your own choice.

We have a few things coming up that I wanted to mentioned as well…

Horsham Gaming Festival 2020 – Already we have decided to do this next year, our first attempt we called a ‘dry run’ as we really has no idea how it would go, as soon as we all sat down for a breather it was a done deal – Keep an eye out for this as we are hoping for it to be bigger and better.

Southern Gaming Charity Event – A charity event with all my local groups is on the scene, raising money and awareness with charity’s throughout the period – This isn’t fully finalised yet but wanted to drop it here just to set something in motion.

The Gaming Communities – The other major groups around the area are amazing, we all are doing our bit to bring everyone together so I wanted to give a big shout out too:

Crawley Gaming Community
Pound Hill Board Gamers Group
Mid Sussex Meeples
Dungeon Crawley
Surrey Board Game Group
Horsham and Crawley Yugioh
Worthing Boardgamers
Pokemon Go Horsham UK
Mid Sussex War Gamers
South Downs Siegebreakers

Go check them out and say hello!

Lastly, I hope Horsham Gamers is doing something for you, if not please let us know! Any suggestions are welcome as we are making it up as we go, something seems to be working and it’s great to see it all thrive.

Happy Gaming!