A little trip @ Ransacked Board Game Lounge and Escape Rooms

At the weekend, myself and a fellow Horsham Gamer and Team member (Robyn) popped down to the Ransacked Board Game Lounge and Escape Rooms area to check out this talked about exploding escape room they have to offer.

A little snippet from their own website:

On Portland Road, right in the heart of Worthing town center, RanSacked offers tabletop gaming in a comfortable environment and exciting addition to Worthing’s growing Escape Room scene.

The above statement is spot on, not only being welcoming, friendly and open it boasts space, plenty of it.

Ransacked have a good selection of board games on show for you to pick up, learn and play. For me this is the way I like to do it, try something new, meet some other people and try to share the passion that we all have, to play!

On a side to the board gaming scene, they have a pre-made escape room scenario contained upstairs, and of course, we gave it a go. No spoilers will be given here but suffice to say it was challenging, fun and nerve-racking… right down to the last second (I’ll admit it… it was close!)

Having a cafe with a relaxing environment, open space and plenty of gaming to choose from, pop down and say hello to the Team… we had the privilege of meeting Gwynn and Kat as well, both on-site with very welcoming arms. –

And try the cake… worth it!

Author: Ben