Dungeons & Dragons – The Tales of Escuria – Episode 1

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A wayward young Drow noble by the name of Elend Marevo is told by his mother Selwyn that she and the rest of the family are leaving the city of Sakani on a diplomatic mission on behalf of House Marevo, but he elects to stay behind to pursue his career as a bard. To ensure his safety Selwyn instructs Kaida, a Tiefling spy in her employ, to remain in Sakani and act as Elend’s bodyguard, and to report information about Sakani to her via letters whilst she is away.

Ralkini, a Human wizard from House Koryth arrives in Sakani for mysterious purposes and encounters another Korythian in a crescent moon mask with equally mysterious purposes. After purchasing a curious magical trinket from a street merchant, he makes his way to the Bladepit to see a fight. Kaida and Elend also head to the Bladepit to meet with Elend’s brother. Kaida and Elend take the empty seats next to Ralkini to watch the fight.

After watching the crescent Korythian defeat the reigning champion through use of a lightning spell, an arcane explosion causes panic at the Bladepit and through a misunderstanding Kaida, Elend and Ralkini are suspected of causing the chaos, so are forced to flee. After a tense chase through the streets of Sakani, they regroup at Elend’s family home to plan their next move.