Event Roundup: Digital – Age of Empires II – 29/10/2018

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Event Roundup: Digital – Age of Empires II – 29/10/2018

On Sunday the 29th October, Horsham Gamers hosted a digital gaming event which was overall successful, Age of Empires II was the featured game and we had 3 members join!

3pm – Game starts…

All kicked off with a free for all battle on a random generated map and default settings for the players which started well.

3.20pm – It’s over…

JimCode obliterates the other players and already claims victory… he also wins the Horsham Gamers T-Shirt.

As the game was short lived we all decided to team up and take on the AI in multiple degrees of difficulty which turned out to be great fun, we learnt from the pro and took battle again.

All was streamed and recorded for your enjoyment, as this was the first live recording / stream I didn’t get the audio mix of game and voice quite right so we are a little quiet (shall remember for next time…)

Hopefully going forward we can entice a few extra members to join in the fun with the next game.

Thanks for all those who came along (was actually at my place in the end) and well done to JimCode for winning the knockout!

— Ben

Event Recording:

  • Some strong language: Contains some expletives and profanity; however, such words are infrequent and not used in a sexual context.