Review : Joking Hazard

author image by CGC | 0 Comments | 8th January 2019
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Are you Easily Offended? Yes? Then you best stop what you are doing and exit this review now BECAUSE this game is not for those of a week disposition.

The Game

“Joking Hazard” is a Social party style card game published by Breaking Games  where players compete to create an awful comic book strip using a centralized deck of cards. Utilizing adult content such AIDS, anal sex, cannibalism, cancer, erections, fellatio, masturbation, foul language and much, much more.

The game itself when explained to me just sounded like a third rate version of the now famous “Cards against humanity” and to be honest, trying to explain it here it is easy to see why it comes across in such a way. Reading into the rules the game shares some very similar game-play mechanics where a card is taken from the main deck and placed down as the start of the joke/comic strip, the judge for the round then places the next card down before the finally the remaining players have to battle it out with the third section to create the best/most funny/rude comic strip possible with the round judge declaring their favorite and therefore announcing the winner of the round. The game keeps going in this fashion until a player has won five rounds and thus is declared the overall winner. Not enough? Why not use your winning cards to see if you can create a five section comic strip? I think you will see how your mind really works doing this ha-ha

To just clarify my stance on the similarities between games. Yes the mechanics are similar but this is where it ends. Rather than being just a question or answer style card each card in the game (excluding red boarders, which always have to be the end of a strip) can be used in literally any order, which when the publisher stats that the base game alone has 250 cards and over 15.4 million possible combinations, this means that this game has some serious player creativity, and as I always say the most import thing it has good re-play ability.


Ok so how can I write a full section about a box of playing cards? Well first and foremost for me I love the simplicity of these cards. The art work is fantastic but don’t be thinking I’m talking about a painting in the London gallery, this is stick figures, and by god they are awesome. Too many games spend way too much time trying to create art that will make the players eyes water in sheer joy. NO I want a game that plays well. Make me some functional cards that work and make me chuckle when I see the pictures. And that is what this game has done. Just the art alone makes me think of the drawings I did as I delinquent child whilst I was meant to be writing a math equation in the most important test of my life.  A smile on a players face is worth more to me than a card that I am too scared to take out of a protective display that is under lock and key.

The box it comes in is nice and sturdy feel, good branding without being to in your face intrusive when sitting on top of that mountain of board games (don’t lie we all know you have one)

Cards themselves feel good quality if not a tad thin? Maybe if cost isn’t much greater I would say next thickness up may be better, However If you like me they will all be sleeved to protect them from the stray beer or cuppa that decides to make a break for freedom.


SOOOOOOOOOOOO. In my summary I always have to ask the big question to myself (because I’m a tight ass and I like value for my money.) what is the re-play ability of this game? I think it stands a good chance to outlast its competitors IF it is promoted properly. Granted the aforementioned title above has a big head start as it took the world by storm but to me it loses steam really quickly. This however has the power of the nerd behind it lol. We all love comics and lots of people love rude humor mix the two together and you get a formula of “damn it why didn’t I think of this” I haven’t played this game for a few days now and I’m wanting to play again, I just never personally got that from CAH . With expansions already available for this game I hope they continue to support this game long into the future and make the name “Joking Hazard” a new party favorite whilst still maintaining an everyday quick fun game to play at your local game store or club.


Crawley Gaming Club