SWRP: Season 4 episode 4

author image by CGC | , | 0 Comments | 29th January 2019

Annendu slumped into the pilots seat and quickly took in the myriad of dials, readouts and blinking lights arrayed before him.

Ten millenia had certainly changed the way the stars were traversed, the Sith master thought to himself as he flicked up a navigation chart. A small red triangle, representing his current position, sat in a green spiders web of lines and unfamiliar symbols. 
Annendu rolled his eyes and held a hand out towards the large sloped bridge window. With his mind he reached out. First beyond the shuttle and then into the swirling hyperspace maelstrom beyond.
The galaxy unfolded in his mind. The ancient sorcerer gave himself over to the force and let his actions be guided by it.

Abruptly Annendu was yanked from his trance by a blaster bolt striking his back.
The shuttle reeled as he lurched onto the flight controls. The steady blue clockwise swirls of hyperspace turned an angry red and then yellow as the shuttle’s hypermatter engines struggled with the violent change in course.

Ignoring the real space re-entry alarms blaring at him, the Dark Lord spun in his chair and called for his sword.

Words of the foulest darkness poised on lips and lightening crackling along the keen Sith blade were wasted. No one was there.

Annendu reached out with the force and sensed no living being aboard, save himself.

The deep moaning of the shuttle’s buckling superstructure snapped the Dark Lord into action. Quickly the Sith returned the shuttle to it’s original course and the spiralling vortex of hyperspace returned to it’s usual blue hue.

Annendu pulled open his prison shirt to examine the blast that had stuck him during his taking of the bridge. Nothing was there.

“This connection is strong indeed.” Sumised the Sith out load, “or maybe it’s our proximity to each other?”

Either way , he thought, she was injured and in danger. If she were to die… He put aside that thought and focused on the job at hand.

The large view screen changed from a blue and white vortex into elongated white starlight. This was instantly replaced with a dark planet that filled the observation window. The world was pockmarked with angry crimson wounds from violent volcanic activity.

As the Sith had surmised, automated protocols activated on approach and the shuttles automatic landing sequence kicked in. The installation on the savage surface was relaying coordinates to the on board navigation systems.

The Dark Lord nodded in satisfaction and made his way to the boarding ramp.