The Adventure Begins!

author image by CGC | 0 Comments | 27th December 2018

The Adventure Begins ….

Six wandering heroes found themselves sitting, drinking, in the Inn of the Welcome Wench in the sleepy village of Hommlet, contemplating how to make their presence felt. In barged Tarim, the woodcutter. “Who can get rid of those bloody spiders?” He asked. Was it the promise of exotic materials with which to craft better armour, or the possibility of finding treasures on the corpses of failed, exterminators, or was is simply the love of slaughtering mindless vermin, that made them volunteer for this rudimentary quest. Who knows? Whatever the motivation, the spiders were killed and the loot collected.

Fellhammer delivered his bad news to the local priest and the party went in search of the Treasure of Rainbow Rock at Emridy Meadows. They had learned from Terjon that the meadows were the scene of a great battle between the forces of good and evil some years before and that the fallen still haunt the place. Undaunted, they began exploring. Climbing the first brow, our heroes were set upon by a band of skeletons and engaged in battle. The mysterious eleven ranger tried to skirt the battlefield, sniping with her bow, when she aroused a lumbering ogre who had taken up residence in the glade in the south-west corner of the field. It took all her skill, and a dose of luck, to evade the sleepy ogres gaze and he went back to sleep.

Not all of the loose coalition were focused on the task in hand however. Upon catching sight of a shiny outcrop of rock on the next hillock, the greedy rogue made a beeline for the treasure. He disturbed four more skeletons on the way and, rummaging around what he presumed was the fabled Rainbow Rock, he was set upon by hungry zombies. For a while he managed to act like a mindless reanimated corpse himself. However his next mistake was trying to kill them single-handed. They turned on him and before his comrades could come to his aid he fell and was slain.
Battling on, the fighter, cleric, wizard, sorcerer and ranger, still hope to overcome the host of undead and recover Terjon’s lost artefact. Will they prevail? Will they bother to carry the rogue’s lifeless corpse back to Hommlet? Will they find a way to restore his soul? Will they even want to? In what form will the foolish thief return?

David Fairhurst.

Find out on 14th January when D&D returns in 2019.