The Obsidian Tower SWRP

author image by CGC | 0 Comments | 14th December 2018

So more information has arisen from the star wars role play universe based at the Crawley gaming club. After the completion of a three season long campaign, the story is indeed set to continue with a new band of role players and adventurers. Starting on the January 7th the queatioqu will begin to be answered as to whether the empire will manage to take over the galaxy once more.

Below is the story arch written by our very own Scott Macey and as always makes for great reading hope you enjoy 🙂 thank you Scott. CGC


The Dark Lord of the Sith watched the damaged ore transporter limp past the stricken star destroyer. A dozen options quickly presented themselves and we’re dismissed by his keen mind.
“My lord Annendu should I dispatch fighters?” Asked a grovelling robed acolyte.
“No.” Came the gravely response. “Let whispers of my return fuel my purpose. If I am to reshape this galaxy I will need followers.”
“What of the raider?” Inquired the dark clad follower. “It seems the last torpedo has been detonated.”
Darth Annendu stared down at the halved would be hero and clenched his fist. It was slow to respond, the makeshift artificial limb had been more than adequate for its body’s former host, but not its current resident.
Anger quickly flared up within the reborn Sith and, with a violent flinging of his arms, the ancient darksider tore the smuggler’s remains from the hanger deck and flung them into space.
Composure quickly returned. The Sith had not been prone to such outbursts before and he would not allow the vestiges of his new body’s former owner to influence him now.
“Have the creatures put into stasis. Destroy the vessel.” Ordered Annendu.
“Sir there is another issue.” Whimpered the cowering acolyte.
The blue skinned Sith turned his piecing crimson eyes to the robed man. “What?”
“A beacon…ha… has been detected.” Stuttered the sweating follower. “A homing beacon.”

The Sith surveyed the ruined hanger. The force field flickered worryingly between the cold atmosphere within and the absolute zero of the void beyond.
A dead body in a grey uniform and white helmet lay next to a domestic droid.
The droid still had some power and tried to rise as Annendu approached.
“Mas. .master..” it sputtered , it’s mechanical voice cracking. “It is I ,R-5E.”
A vague recollection crossed the Dark Lord’s mind and he quickly crushed the memory.
“Who would have received your distress call, droid?” Hissed Annendu.
“It was an encoded and deeply embedded subroutine that was put there only recently by mistress Leta. It was to activate if you and your friends located Lady Kalandra’s hidden Base of operations.” Replied R-5E.
“Yes but where is the signal received?” Growled the Sith Lord.
“The Obsidian Tower.”