Wish you all the best Buddy.

author image by CGC | 0 Comments | 29th November 2018

“well its been an amazing couple of years and i have enjoyed spending time with you all, but after a long hard thought i will be stepping down from running the club and handing all the rains over to my partner in crime Jason who has worked so hard behind the sceens creating the club you all love. this monday coming up will be my last time there so look forward to seeing you.”


It’s not the way I wanted to start our news feed here on the Horsham gamers but today I am here to share the confirmation that Craig, one half of our founding creators of the CRAWLEY GAMING CLUB has decided to step down from running the club.

I have known Craig now for near on ten years, from when he ran my local games workshop and reintroduced me to wondeful hobby world we have today, Fast forwarding through the years to just under two years ago we decided we wanted to really push the gaming community spirit in Crawley back to its hay day and open the CGC. By running weekly clubs since the first Monday in April of 2017 we have built a following we never thought we could see. A range of tabletop ,board,card and role play games even we didn’t know exsited and for that Craig I think I can say from all of the members THANK YOU. And from me personally it has been an absolute pleasure running the club by your side and I promise I will continue to grow the community to even greater heights. Thank you buddy see u round